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Game Information

What is MOTM?

Masters of the Mat or "MOTM" is a browser based Wrestling MMORPG game.  The game is free to play but if you would like to play more you can purchase credits.  In MOTM you can manage Wrestlers, Tag Teams and Federations.  Wrestlers and Tag Teams join Federations to compete for the title.  While Federations try and recruit players to become the most famous.

What Type of Game is it?

MOTM is a texted base RPG style game.  Players get rewarded for winning challenges and submitting roleplaying promos.  MOTM is not a forum based eFed, it is a complete custom website complete with rankings, accolades and even a Hall of Fame.  Currently MOTM is run by a custom game engine, all the match outcomes are generated by the Wrestler's arsenal/power rating.  There is no booker involvement in match setups or outcomes.  We may expand in the future to allow a solely roleplaying version if players express a great interest for that type of game.

How Does the Game Work?

MOTM is a cycle based game.  This means players select there arsenals/moves and submit there promos every cycle. When the cycle ends the game server will calculate all the scores, ratings and matches and post the results. Depending on the game server you join, cycles can be daily, bi-weekly or weekly.

How Do I Win Matches?

The deciding factor in winning is your wrestler's arsenal/power rating.  If you have a higher arsenal/power rating than your opponent you will most likely win your match.  You can let the computer do the work for you but keep in mind you will probably not fair very well against experienced players.  If you do not want to leave it up to the computer's random selection you may select your own arsenal/moves.  Just make sure you change it often because the value of moves can change dramatically from cycle to cycle.  You can also view the statistics to help you determine what are the better moves to choose.

Are There Any Advantages For Paying Players?

Nope absolutley no advantage for players who pay for credits.  You will not gain any advantage in match outcomes but players with more credits can do more actions per cycle, thus increasing there statistics at a faster rate.  Players will earn game credits by winning matches and submitting promos but if that is not fast enough for you, you can purchase credits.  The credits can be spent on increasing action points and buy Federation cycles.

What Happens in Matches and What Types Are There?

Most regular matches are brief, if they were large there just would too much to read, that is if you would like to read them all.  The match generator has 100 moves to pick from including wear down holds, slams and submission moves.  There are over 1000 match descriptions with fumbles, criticals and even injury outcomes.  Wrestlers can create custom taunts, cheats and finishing moves. There over 35 different match types including Tag Team, Cage Matches, Ladder Matches, Battle Royals, Royal Rumbles and even Stable Fights.

Are You Ready?

MOTM is not for everyone but if you like wrestling roleplay give it us try.  Join our forums we are always interested in your feedback.  Have fun and Good Luck!


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