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Masters of the Mat or "MOTM" is a Wrestling RPG game. The game is free to play but if you would like to play more you can purchase credits. In MOTM you can manage Wrestlers, Tag Teams and Federations. Wrestlers and Tag Teams join Federations to compete for the title. While Federations try and recruit players to become the most famous.

Game Rules

The following rules apply to every member even if they pay credits to play. Offenders will result in accounts or IPs banned.

Rule #1:
One account per player. There really is no need to make multiple accounts anyways because you can make multiple wrestlers per game world.

Rule #2:
No use of offensive racists or vulgar remarks. This includes posts, images and player names. Players with illegal names will be removed. Multiple offenses will result in banning of account.

Rule #3
No jobbers, feeders or any other term referring to the use of multiple accounts to boost up another player's stats, ratings or fame.

Rule #4
Use of exploits or glitches for an advantage will result in an account ban.

Rule #5
No account sharing or swapping accounts are allowed.

How to get Started

First thing you must do before you start playing is add a game world to your world list. Click the "Join World" above above the world list drop down on the left side of the page. Pick a world based on how often you want to play. Some worlds run daily, bi-weekly or even weekly. They also run at different times of the day so choose the one that fits your schedule. Also make sure you pick the world with the correct gender you wish to play as, male or female wrestling.

Creating a Manager

After you have chosen a world or two, select the world you want to play, in the world drop down list. Before you create a wrestler you must first have a manager. Click the add manager link below the world drop down list. It’s pretty basic to make a manager but you can only have one per world and they are permanent so they cannot be removed or renamed. You might want to pick a name that suits all your wrestlers you want to create in the game world.

After choosing you manager’s name, you must select the manager’s interference level. This setting is the same for each wrestler in your stable but the wrestler can choose if he/she will allow manager interference.

Creating a Wrestler

Now you are ready to create a wrestler, so click the add wrestler link below the manger link. When naming your wrestler there are two naming fields. The first field is your wrestlers full name field. You can choose a name that follows the rules and it is not already used in the game world. You can use the same name on another game world as long as it is not taken. The next naming field is for your wrestler’s short name. This is the name referred to your wrestler in matches. It’s used to make match descriptions more readable and shorter. The short name does not have to be unique and should be kept short. Here is an example of a wrestler’s name:

Full Name: Mike “The Butcher” Cleaver
Short Name: Mike

Like managers and user names, wrestler names cannot be changed.

Next pick your wrestler’s fight style. The options are pretty self explanatory; clean will never cheat in a match, fair will cheat sometimes and dirty will cheat most often. Successful cheating will effect the match outcome in your favor but can also cost you the match by disqualification. Wrestlers will more likely cheat if they are losing, so it can come in handy and save you from a losing match. You should choose a fight style according to how you want to role play your wrestler. You can change your fight style whenever you want so you can play around with it.

Some options you may want to consider are:

Allow Interference: Set this to yes if you want your manager to interfere in matches.

Available for Tag Teams: Set this to yes if you would like your wrestler to be able to join tag teams from other managers.

Available for Matches: Set this to yes if you would like your wrestler to accept challenges from other wrestlers.

Last you must choose a name for your finishing move. This move will be used if the match goes on to the very end. Most matches end with a finishing move so pick something unique so people know your trademark. You can change the name at any time. It is optional but if you would like to describe the finisher you can below. Also you can insert the opponent’s name with a variable to make it read better.

Now that you know how to create wrestlers, create some more to expand your stable. You may have up to 10 wrestlers per game world.

Join a Federation

Once you have a wrestler or two you need to join a federation to start playing. Select a wrestler on the wrestler menu to open the menu commands. Click the join federation command in the Federation Menu
(ex. Wrestler->Federation->Join Federation). Once you have joined a federation you can start playing immediately you do not have to wait for a game world cycle. However in order to leave a federation you must wait one game world cycle.

Choose Your Moves

Every wrestler has 19 moves assigned to him or her. You do not have to pick these moves, the game server will pick them for you automatically by default. It is recommended to pick your moves because the algorithm to pick moves is somewhat random. You can edit your chosen moves under the wrestler edit menu (ex. Wrestler->Manage->Pick Moves). The chosen moves are grouped by 5 move combos. There are rules to which moves you can pick for each combo and you cannot pick the same move more than twice overall. The chosen moves determine your wrestler’s power rating which ultimately determines the outcome in the ring. Keep an eye on the move value chart under the game menu to see what each move is worth. The higher the value the more effective the move will be but these numbers will change every world cycle, so picking the highest values is not necessarily the winning combination.

Taunts & Cheats

You can have up to 5 taunts and 5 cheats per wrestler. You will find the option under the wrestler edit menu
(ex. Wrestler->Edit->Taunts/Cheats). You can insert variables to customize the descriptions as well. They can also be changed at any time.

Taunts and Cheats will display in matches according to the outcome in the match. If you do not have any taunts or cheats the game server will use a randomly generated one if that scenario comes up. On the other hand if you only have one taunt or cheat, then the game server will always use that one when it is needed. Obviously if you add more you will have some variety. The more your wrestler is winning a match the greater chance a taunt will be used.

Your First Action

Every wrestler/tag team gets 1 action point to spend every world cycle, which will be replenished if spent. You can get more action points if you spend game credits, but you can only use a maximum of 3 per cycle. Action points are displayed left of the wrestler's/tag team's name in brackets (ex. [1] Mike "The Butcher" Bleaber).

The following are actions you may choose to do:

Challenge: This action allows you to challenge other wrestlers/tag teams in a match. Challenges are automatically accepted and will be displayed in the undercard of the next federation card. You can only challenge wrestlers/tag teams in your federation and only ones accepting challenges.

Trash Talk: Pretty self expanatory, say what ever you like. The "Trash Talk" will be displayed in the promo section of the next federation show.

Sneak Attack: Similar to trash talk but allows you to describe what you do to other wrestles/tag teams behind the scenes. This adds a little more role play to the game. You may write something like this:

Mike "The Butcher" Bleaber crumples Chad "Texas Ranger" Walker with a folded chair backstage. Then he writes "don't mess with the HLT crew again" on his back with a permanent marker.

Interview: With this action you can have an interview with your wrestler/tag team. You can select a custom interview from your commissioner if you have any, or click "New Interview" to have one randomly generated. Again the interview will be displayed in the media section of the next federation card.

Match Promo: Not too sure what to say after a match? With this action you can write a custom promo for each outcome of the match, win, lose or draw. Then the corresponding promo will be posted once the match has been completed.


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