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Game Guide

Basic Game Engine

MOTM uses a simple game engine to determine the outcome of the matches. Each wrestler has 19 moves and 1 finishing move. Depending on the category limits a move can have a value between 30 and 100 points. Your moves are totalled against your opponents and on the 20th move, your finisher, the wrestler with the highest total wins the match. That is the basic concept of the game. Pretty simple huh, well it gets a little more complicated than that.

Know Your Moves

Moves are broken down into 3 categories:

Hits & Blows: These moves have a value between 35 and 90. You can pick as many of these as you want. You usually pick these before the other move categories.

Holds & Grapples: These moves are usual weaker than Hits & Blows with a value range between 30 and 90. You are usually allowed 1 or 2 per combo if any. They have the added benefit of winning a match early by submission. You need to be winning a match by a certain number of points in order to qualify for a submission, so you should pick them later.

Throws & Slams: These moves are the strongest with a value range between 40 and 100. You are limited to how many you can pick per combo. Most often you should pick these moves over Hits & Blows if possible.

Move Trends

Watch the move values every game world cycle to see what the moves on the last cycle were worth. You may see a trend in certain moves that will give you an edge in picking moves. Each move value changes before your next match so it will most likely not be the same value as it was before. A move can go up or down by a maximum of 60 points per cycle but it is rare to do so. The power meter on the view wrestler page will tell you how well did in picking your moves. See how well your opponents did as well to see how it reflected in your matches.

Player Stats

There are a couple of stats a wrestler/tag team accumulates over their career:

Rank: Every wrestler/tag team is ranked in comparison to all the other wrestlers/tag team every world cycle. The rank is primarily based on how well you did in your last 60 matches, counting only the wins and draws.

Fame: Is accumulated by the actions of the wrestler/tag team. The more actions you do will build up your fame faster but eventually it will start to taper off. When a player retires the fame will determine how they are ranked in the Hall of Fame.

Federation Management

In MOTM a federation can be lead by a commissioner but this is a primarily a role playing factor. All of the federation operations are handled by the game server automatically but the commissioner can determine the special event(s) for the next card. This keeps the game in fair play especially on who gets a title shot.

Federation Rankings

When you join a federation you start with rating or "RT" of 0. Your rating is determined by your last 15 main card matches in the federation. If you leave and come back to the federation your rating will be reset to 0. Wins, Draws and Lossses count for RT, so if your wrestler/tag team is losing a bunch they will not gain anything by rejoining the federation. They will actually just lose their ranking and have to work up again.

Main Card Matches

Every world cycle you are guaranteed a main card or title match. The game server will select another wrestler that is close in ranking for you to match up with. The match result will determine your new ranking spot for the next card. The only way to miss a main card or title match is by injury, then it is deemed a no contest and is not counted for ranking purposes. The top contenders for the title have their names highlight in bold. A randomly selected contender will get a shot at the title holder on the next card. Because there is a possibility to have an odd number of players in a federation, there is a chance for a player to have 2 main card matches and both are counted for rankings.

Advanced Game Engine

Well we know the basics of the game engine what more could there be? I actually lied a little bit in basic game engine to keep it simple. It should have read your total score is compared to your opponents total score and the wrestler with the highest score wins the match. Your score is determined primarily by your move value with a random attack roll. 70% of the time for a round or attack will result in a regular outcome which will multiply your move value by x1 times. So most of the time the move value is taken at face value, hence better moves better wrestler. To add a little flare to the game you may critical your opponent by multiplying your move by x1.3 times or perform a missed attempt degrading your move value by x0.55 times. There are other attack roll outcomes, hope you get the idea.

So there are 19 rounds or attacks per game except in special event matches where they may go for 2 or more move sets. Your score (Move Value x Attack) compared to your opponents score will determine which wrestler is in control for that round. After every round the game server will determine if the wrestler in control will qualify for the following:

Pin: If you are winning the match by 150 points and pinning is allowed you may qualify for a chance to pin your opponent. Also if you allow match interefernce your manager will have a chance to save your wrestler if you are being pinned.

Submission: If your current move is a submission and you are beating your opponent by 150 points then you qualify for a chance to submit your opponent.

Escapes: If you are in a cage match and you are beating your opponent by 125 points then you will recieve a chance to esacape the cage.

Throw Outs: If you are in a battle royal or rumble and you are beating your opponent by 125 points you will recieve a chance to throw your opponent out of the ring.

Tagging: If you are losing to your opponent your wrestler will have a chance to tag and let their partner in the ring. Your wrestler will automatically tag if they are exhausted regardless if they are in control or not.

The difference between your score and your opponents score is called the Point Spread or "PS". The point spreads for these outcomes are reduced for every completed moves set, so throw outs may happen with a 100 PS difference later on in the match. Your PS is displayed before each attack description (ex. 05:15-073 Mike slams Chad) and your total PS is displayed on your last move (ex. 10:26-163 Mike finishes Chad with the Butcher Blade).


If the match does not allow finishers and you complete all your moves sets or your match is truly tied then your wrestler will be counted out of the ring.

Odd Man Assistance

The game engine will always pair you up with an opponent but in some cases like in a Battle Royals there may be a time when there is an odd number of wrestlers in the ring. In this case the wrestler that does not have an opponent will assist another wrestler and attack their opponent. The result is the wrestler being assisted will get a bonus from the assisting wrestler's score added to their score.


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