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Game FAQ

Can you join your own Federation/Promotion?

In the original beta you could not join your own federation but we have changed that rule, so now yes you can join your own Fed.  In the future if there are too many players abusing their commissioner privledges we will probably go back to the original setting.

Can you make Non-Wrestlers?

No, there are no non-playing character types.  You can make managers, wrestlers, tag teams, federations and stables.

Can you challenge someone for the title?

No you cannot challenge for the title.  In order to challenge someone for the title you must be a top contender.  Then every cycle/show the server will select a challenger for the belt.

Can I fight my own characters?

Directly no you cannot, but it is possible for the server to match up your wrestler/tag teams to fight each other for ranking purposes and title matches.

It says you can add and play on as many servers as I like, where can I add a server?

You cannot create a server you can only add servers to your server playing list.  New servers are automatically created once a server is 50% full.  You can add as many available servers to your server list.  Once a server is added to your list you can start playing on it, ie. create a manager and wrestlers.

How do I earn credits?  Do they replenish?

You can earn credits the following ways:

1.  Win a challenge you have made.  Not when someone challenges you.
2.  When you win a title bout with more than 10 players in the federation.
3.  When you win a special event with a credit payout. ie: 10 man Battle Royal.
4.  The easiest way post promo actions (Trash Talk/Sneak Attacks/Interviews).
You will be awarded the credits after the show has been completed.

And if thats too slow for you, you can purchase credits under the account menu.

Can I create a Tag Team with another player/user?

Yes you can, simply just view the wrestler you wish to create a tag team with and click the request tag team button.  If the wrestler is not available for tag teams or is already in one this option will not be available.  Once a joint tag team has been created only one player/user can have control but control can be passed back and forth between the players.

Is there a limit to the number of Wrestlers I can create?

Yes you can only create 10 wrestlers per server.  If you would like to create more than 10 wrestlers you must retire one to open up a slot for a new wrestler.  Also you can only create one manager per server.

My wrestler/tag team has retired.  Can I bring them back?

Inactive wrestlers will eventually retire and yes you can reinstate them but it will cost you game credits.   This is to deter players from going in and out of the Hall of Fame repeatedly.  You can only bring back tag teams you have created solely by yourself and the participating wrestlers cannot be in a current tag team or retired.  One advantage for storing your wrestler/tag teams in the Hall of Fame is that there fame score will not diminish.  So if you plan on not playing a wrestler/tag team for a while it's a good idea to retire and reinstate them when you are ready to play them again.


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