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Commissioner Guide


A commissioner is mainly a role playing aspect of the game. Their job is to add a theme and a feel to the federation. Commissioners are allowed to name the federation and assign names to cards. Some other commissioner operations include creating special event matches, create interviews or send invitations to players. If you like writing you may like to play the role as a commissioner.

What does it cost Me?

Commissioning a federation costs game credits per cycle. Usually you would purchase the number of game world cycles you would like to manage for. You can buy more cycles at any time or retire as commissioner to get a refund of the remaining cycles left. In square brackets before the federation name on the commissioner menu shows you how many cycles you have left as commissioner (ex. "[6] MOTM #44").

Commissioner Conflict

You can commission as many federations as you like. You cannot use your commissioner abilities to help your players or other players to get an advantage over the rest in the federation. Doing so will result in banning or forced resignation of your commissioner entitlement.

Public or Private

Before you decide to commission a federation, you have to understand there are two types of federations. The first type is a Public federation, these federations are created by the game server automatically on demand. When the number of federations is not enough for the number of players in the world, the game server will create another one. You can commission one the these federations with a few caveats. One, you cannot make the federation "Invite Only", the federarion must stay public to all players. Two, you cannot kick or remove a player from the federation. The second type is a Private federation, these federations are created by you or other users in the game world. You can make these federations "Invite Only" and you can remove unwanted players.

What's the goal of a commissioner?

The goal of the commissioner is try to be the most popular federation. You do that by having the most famous wrestler/tag teams in your roster. The more fame you have in your roster the more attendance and PPV sales you will have for your shows. The federation with the most PPV sales will be considered as the most prestiges title and their champions will be considered as world champions. So it's a good idea to keep your wrestling stars happy and keeping your roster deep.

So What can I do?

As commissioner you can do the following:

Edit Federation: Allows you to change the name, abbreviation and logo of federation. You can also change the belt images and card defaults like the host/announcer’s name.

Edit Upcoming Card: Edit the name, description and intro of the next card. You can also name the location where the card will be held at and write an article about current news and feuds. If you need to make an announcement you can do that too. Announcements will be displayed in the announcements section of the next card.

Add Special Event: Choose a special event match to add to the upcoming card. Depending on the number of players in the federation you can have multiple special events. You are always guaranteed to have one and if you do not choose one, the game server will choose one for you.

Add Custom Title Bout: Each federation has a 2 custom belts that you get to name, one for wrestlers and the other for tag teams. You may select the challenger or challengers if it's vacant. If you do not select a challenger the game server will select one for you at the end of the cycle.

Create Interview: Sick of the randomly generated interviews in your federation? As commissioner you can conduct up to 10 interviews. Make sure you set the expiry to a practical number. If you set an interview to expire quickly it may not get read in time, or if you set it to expire too long it may clog up your maximum interviews.

Invite or Remove: Find the player you would like to invite in either the rankings or player directory. On the player view page you can click invite player and then choose the federation you commission. Once a player is in your private federation they can be removed at any time, but it takes one world cycle to process.


You can choose to resign or you will be automatically resigned once your cycles left have been depleted. Once you have resigned from a federation it will continue to operate and can be commissioned by another user at this point.

Other Considerations

A federation will not cost you any credits/cycles until 2 or more players have joined. If there are no players in a federation the game server will mark the federation as dead. Dead federation will be removed after a set limit determined by the world. A daily cycled world will remove dead federations after 7 cycles of player roster inactivity.


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